Welcome to SJCAM Canada.

SJCAM Canada is owned and operated by Vivid View Accessories and is an official distributor of SJCAM products in Canada.  We only sell original authentic products from SJCAM Limited (HK) and work closely with them to help to ensure their Canadian customers have their warranty issues looked after.

All SJCAM cameras can be authenticated at the official site www.sjcamhd.com.

Vivid View Accessories has been fully authorized by SJCAM Limited(HK) to use the SJCAM brand name on its website.  The SJCAM Trademark is owned by SJCAM Limited (HK).

We ship right across North America with packages going out several times daily to ensure that your order arrives before your next adventure.

When you’ve captured something great, let us know!  We would be happy to showcase your SJCAM work on our site.

The SJCAM Canada Team