SJDASH HD1080P | SONY IMX323 Dash Camera

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The New SJDASH : Looking out for you wherever you go…


HD1080P | F2.0 large-aperture | SONY IMX323 Sensor

SONY SENSOR:Sony IMX323 Sensor – Record crisp and clear dashcam footages.

SAFE OPERATION: The SJDASH uses capacitors for reliable power, ensuring normal operation under sunny and hot conditions.

TOUCH BUTTON PANEL; Ease-of-Use with Touch Buttons

1080p RESOLUTION: 1080p HD Record – Every Frame Captured Vividly

G-SENSOR COLLISION DETECTION: In case of a collision event, the SJDASH will automatically lock the current video recording to ensure that it doesn’t get written over.

140 DEGREE WIDE ANGLE: chose clarity over a larger visual coverage. Your images will appear less distorted,
while still covering 3 lanes of road with enough room to spare.

SUPPORT FOR 17 LANGUAGES: Choose from any of the popular languages that the SJDASH comes built-in with.

NEW! SJDASH has its own dedicated app!

Control everything about your SJDASH without even touching it. Start and stop recordings, transfer files to your mobile, watch recordings in real-time, explore previous files, share your images and videos to various popular social media, even share what your camera is seeing Live.

Excellent Craftsmanship. Gorgeous Look and Feel!

Form and Function. Seamless Elegance!

The camera’s body is only 14mm thin, housed in an aluminum alloy frame.
Absolutely beautiful.

The SJDASH can be installed so that there is hardly any traces of unsightly cables, preserving your car interior’s aesthetics.


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